Some Nice Things My Clients Have To Say.

“I can’t say enough about Brandon’s work. I contacted him to design my logo and I’ve received a lot of compliments on the content for my website. We communicated on a daily basis with ideas and he was confident in telling me that some of my ideas would work out well and some would not. He was friendly and yet professional, flexible, open minded with hearing my ideas in design and very punctual in meeting my deadline. I will use him again as my business grows. ”

Leslie Coe

Business Owner, Concierge Pet and House Services

“Sweet Sisters AZ was needing their own unique design to start advertising. We contacted Brandon and told him about our business. We love baking and do dessert bars, but mainly we are about cupcakes. He designed an absolute adorable logo that seems to be a perfect fit for Sweet Sisters AZ . He is very artistic and has the eye for detail. This was a perfect match. Thanks Brandon, and we will definitely stay in contact with you”

Julie DiCapo

Business Owner, Sweet Sisters AZ

“I found Brandon on Craigslist and you never know how its going to turn out. Our luck with freelancers
on Craigslist hasn’t been what we had hoped for.That’s why when you do find someone that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, you protect that resource. Brandon is the most courteous, respectful, friendly, easy going guy when it comes to his personality. He made himself extremely available, kept an open mind to revisions and interpretations, and most importantly not only did he provide the content as described but he usually finished right on schedule if not most of the time ahead of it. He as done all my
graphic design for several of my sites and we couldn’t be more pleased. He even fixed mistakes that others couldn’t. I would recommend Brandon of B’s Graphic Designs to anyone looking for solid, quality work.”

Marcus Baca

Project Manager , Healthy Air Mask

“When you look at golden arches, your mind travels in a nano second to McDonald’s, when you hear Red Robin… Your mind say “yum”. Brand recognition is essential so when people see your logo they know who you are and what you have to offer.  Brandon is an amazing graphic artist that has taken thoughts and ideas and turned them into tangible products such as flyers, banners, logos and other web design elements.  The old adage is indeed true, “You get what you pay for!” While times are tough and the economy is not the greatest, everyone is looking for more bank for their buck however if your business is going to succeed other than word of mouth, Brandon can definitely help you. His flyers have increased my revenue across multiple states, his logo ideas are ground breaking and captivating and his  t-shirts designs have definitely made me money. Anyone can go to Google,
Bing or Ask and and search for cheap logo’s or inexpensive flyers and you will find results, however this is your business. Many times you need to spend money to make money.  This is especially true with Brandon. His prices were about 25-30% higher then many other sights but his work speaks for it self.  In addition to getting a product that can get your name to your target market, you are not routed overseas to someone that uses templates to knock you work out in five minutes, you get Brandon’s one on one dedication to providing his clients with a product we both are proud of.
My only fear is the more I brag about his work he will be to busy to work on my ideas. I have owned and >run businesses for over twenty years and I have worked with many designers, however Brandon’s work stands out.  If he was only local I would try to hire him full time.  I highly recommend  giving Brandon a try, you will be happy with the results and your spreadsheets will go from red to black.

Brandon – thank you for all of your hard work, the feedback I get from your flyers, business cards and t shirts speak volumes to your dedication to your craft.”

Cory "Ninja" Knight

CEO , Chasin Bacon

“Thank you, B’s Graphic Designs, so much for saving me! Brandon was very pleasant to work with, helping to create a perfectly designed card. I had no idea what I wanted, but needed it in a short amount of time. I was, & still am, more than pleased with the quality, creativity & attractiveness of the card he was able to deliver to me on such a short notice. He was there when I needed him, very personable & attentive, which I truly appreciate. Thank you Brandon, you’re stuck with me now!”

Cathy Galvan

Business Owner, LifeChangerXO Body By Vi

“I have known Brandon for a few years now. He has always been kind and courteous. He helped me design a logo for my business. I told him what I was looking for and within hours he came up with the perfect logo. He made sure it had everything I wanted and needed. Brandon also showed me more ideas for future business cards and advertising. He has always answered my questions in a very timely manner. Brandon is a professional and would be an asset to any company.”

Lisa Dunny

Business Owner, Spill The Beans

“Brandon is a reliable and hardworking designer that I have called upon for support numerous times over the past 3+ years. He is very creative and highly skilled in his field, always providing fresh ideas in a timely and efficient manner. He is easy to communicate with and I appreciate his ability to take a concept and turn it into a high quality graphic. I look forward to continuing to work with Brandon..”

Sara Russell

Business Owner, IntraMuse Creative LLC

“Brandon has done work for me for the past year. He has met all deadlines, and has met my design expectations as needed. He can take direction, formulate and produce a very usable product in a timely manner. He works hard to create the look you wish to achieve. I will continue to work with him via email after his relocation. Should you have any questions further please feel free to contact me by phone, or email.”

Bear Meadows

Business Owner, Burlap & Board, The Beard Line

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